Dentistry abroad: you are resting while your teeth are becoming beautiful

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“SaveMedic Clinic” offers urgent prosthetics of teeth in dental clinic on a Turkish resort in Side. Also incurs the organization of a trip for the purpose of rest and treatment.

Fear before treatment and expenses or the pleasant rest, which result – healthy teeth.

Stomatological tourism in Side, Turkey

Presently excessive employment and stress we often have no possibility to take care of the own life and the health. “SaveMedic Clinic” will help you to combine business with pleasure. You will spend the rest at smart Mediterranean coast of Turkish Riviera and simultaneously receive dental services of the European quality on urgent prosthetics of teeth.

Stomatological Tour in Side is a treatment with economy up to 70% of the means. Ideal smile for two weeks of rest will take just 2% of your time and quality will not concede the level of the treatment in Europe.

You know that cost of a qualitative ceramic-metal crown with preparation of a tooth for prosthetics in Europe and the USA begins from $700-800 and more. At all of us it costs in two-three times more cheaply. You are treated in business class clinic, but under the moderate price.

The clinic is equipped by the climate control system and the advanced equipment. In work the newest materials from Germany are used. The special attention is given to performance of high standards of the infectious control and safety of treatment. Sterilization of tools and disinfection of surfaces are daily spent.

Doctors of dental clinic have diplomas and a long-term operational experience. Speak English also German languages. The translator is if necessary given.

Thanks to service of our clinic you receive:

  • — considerable economy of money resources and understanding of final cost of all stomatologic procedures
  • — services of the European quality in prosthetics and treatment of a teeth (ceramic-metal, zirconium dioxide) without a pain, in maximum deadlines, only 4 visits for 12-14 days of rest
  • — transportation from hotel and back in the car with the personal driver.

Sitting at home at a computer, use Internet You can choose to yourself, any Hotel in Side to Your taste independently.

Side is the ancient Turkish city located on green peninsula of southeast Antalijsky coast with a silent bay. In transfer the name of Side means a pomegranate and symbolizes fertility of allotments.

“SaveMedic Clinic” is located in the city centre and accepts customers throughout 30 years in the same place.

To rest and treatment tourists from countries with high level of development dental service come to us: Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and America.

The clinic works round the clock and serves all guests and tourists who arrived from abroad.

Delivery in the personal car with the driver from hotel in clinic also is back included in cost.

It is necessary to send a panoramic picture of your teeth and some photo in clinic to your trip. Clinic’s personal will make the plan of orthopedic treatment of a teeth and urgent prosthetics and will co-ordinate time of visiting convenient for you.

Payment by a credit card or cash is made upon the executed works.

For orthopedic treatment of teeth special calculation of cost of services is offered: discounts are charged from prosthetics 5 units.

You will be pleasantly surprised, when will see our prices!

“SaveMedic Clinic”, offer you unforgettable rest and the attractive prices for urgent prosthetics of a teeth in Side.

Treatment abroad in Turkey is a considerable economy of money resources — to 70 %.

An ideal smile for 1,5-2 weeks and all to 2 % of time from your rest.

You call us + 7 (495) 968 50 05 or order to yourself dentist tour online.